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Open Today: 09:00 - 18:00
Open Tomorrow: 09:00 - 18:00

*Individual stores may vary under the opening hours

Parking at Ankerside is easy, as we have over 700 spaces.

Car Park Rates:

Up to 3 Hours £2.00
Up to 4 Hours £2.50
Up to 5 Hours £3.00
Up to 6 Hours £3.50
Up to 7 Hours £4.00
Up to 8 Hours £4.50
Up to 12 Hours £5.00
12-24 Hours £8.00
Sunday Free

Please note the charge for lost tickets is £10.00.

Parking Permits
Weekly – £17.50
Monthly – £50.00
Quarterly – £130.00

Free Parking

If you’re visiting Ankerside Shopping Centre on the following dates, you can enjoy parking for FREE!

Good Friday 19th April  (9am to 6pm)

Easter Sunday 21st April – Centre Closed

Easter Monday 22nd April (10am to 4pm)

Monday 6th May, May Bank Holiday (10am to 4pm)

Spring Bank Holiday, Monday 27th May (10am to 4pm)

Monday 26th August (10am to 4pm)